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  • Kipp Harris

Self Care Discussion Ideas

At our regular monthly meeting on Saturday, September 10, we discussed Self Care and what that means. In our group, we always keep the discussion open to explore whatever questions people might have as they navigate life with an ostomy. Here are some of the things discussed at our meeting:

Skin issues under the barrier can be a problem because that part of the appliance can't be left off for any significant amount of time. Ensuring you take proper care of this skin is paramount to living without problems. Men (in particular) tend to have hair that grows under the barrier. Trimming this hair can help in preventing issues. Using a razor can irritate the skin so it was recommended that the Phillips OneBlade is a good option because it cuts close but does not press a blade against the skin causing further irritation.

One member recommended as a source of online tools for self care. The site has classes and other opportunities that may be helpful to ostomates.

Ordering supplies and getting them in a timely manner is always a concern for ostomates. A few sites recommended by members of the support group are listed below:

Another site for really good resources that many members use is Ostomy101. In the past, they have operated solely as an app for mobile phones; they now have a website that also has really useful information.

If you are looking for exercise and/or dance classes, along with other online activity resources, is a very useful resource for ostomates.

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