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  • Kipp Harris

Upcoming UOAA Conference

At today's support group meeting, we talked about the upcoming UOAA Conference in Houston, Texas! The conference is scheduled for August 10-12, 2023 and more information is available by clicking HERE.

  • The conference has a free stoma clinic because it is always a good idea to have your stoma regularly evaluated by a professional. If you have not had your stoma looked at by a WOCN recently, it is a good idea to get that appointment made.

  • The exhibit hall at the convention hall also has great resources, including lots of products that solve problems associated with having an ostomy!

Some of the other topics discussed were as follows:

  • If you have issues with your ostomy wafer breaking down in extreme heat, some people recommended a product called Skin-Tac. This is an adhesive that helps secure your wafer onto your skin.

  • Another product found useful by others is called Hy-Tape -- this product is durable and can be cut to whatever size you need.

  • One participant brought to the group a free service from Coloplast that will assist with any problems you might be having. In some cases, you can actually meet via Zoom to discuss and try to problem solve a particular situation. If you are interested in this program, you can CLICK HERE for more information on ColopastCare.

  • Traveling with an ostomy can always be a bit scary -- especially for new ostomates. For more information on traveling with an ostomy, UOAA has great information and you can CLICK HERE for a direct link!

  • Another option that several people recommended was the Global Entry option. With this, you can skip security lines and often avoid scans that trigger additional screening at airports.

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