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Coloplast Rep, Nate Majeres, Gives Great Advice!

Updated: Jun 11, 2022

At our monthly support group meeting today, Nate Majeres gave us great advice on products and how ostomates should be looking out for themselves! Following are some take-aways from the meeting:

  • Products with ceramide in them are great for "treating" skin issues.

  • Products containing hydrocolloids are designed to "prevent" skin issues.

  • If a barrier ring you are using contains pectin, that ingredient has been shown to breakdown when stool touches it. Given that, products with pectin should be avoided; specifically, barrier rings with pectin should be avoided.

  • The design of the barrier flange is crucial in maintaining a good seal around your stoma. Make sure you have the proper design if you are experience any leakage with your ostomy.

  • 76% of ostomates report leaking as a problem within the last 30 days! This is a problem and the products you choose can have a major impact on your outcomes.

  • If you want to try free products from Coloplast, you can call 855-863-3912

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