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  • Kipp Harris

How to Protect Your Stoma & Some Intimacy Discussion

Today at our monthly support group meeting, we had a good conversation about how to properly protect your stoma. Additionally, we talked a little about intimacy and some of the things available to make intimacy easier with an ostomy. Click any of the links in the article below for additional information on the things that were discussed.

Exercising with an ostomy can present real risks to damaging the stoma, in particular. A couple ostomates provided firsthand experience using the StealthBelt. This is a product that can help secure not only the bag during physical exercise but provide extra protection to the stoma to prevent damage. Other items available can be fitted to an ostomy bag and provide protection to the stoma area without the use of an additional belt. The Stoma Guard and Stoma Dome were a couple examples discussed.

When swimming, a bag can sometimes be bulky under tight-fitting swimsuits. A couple of the products that can be useful are made by Hollister, though other manufacturers have similar products. If you are looking for a small bag to use occasionally, try this Stoma Cap by Hollister. It does not require a barrier flange and is a really small option. A slightly bigger option with a flange attached is also available -- CLICK HERE to see this option.

Intimacy can be a barrier that takes time to overcome when first getting an ostomy. Products to make a person feel more attractive are available. One resource many people have used is OstomySecrets. The site has products for both men and women.

Another option for women to purchase lingerie that is specifically designed for ostomates is Simply Beautiful.

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