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  • Kipp Harris

Virtual Holiday Party Update

At today's meeting, we talked about holiday traditions, favorite foods and the general well-being of all people present. Each person gave an update on how they are doing and what celebrations and traditions they value this time of year. A few take-aways:

Having an overstock of ostomy supplies was something that lots of people felt was important -- especially given some of the supply chain issues occurring recently. It was suggested that people place a 30 day supply order 3-4 days early each month as insurance companies will generally allow that little bit of "overlap." If you do this regularly, you can easily accumulate additional supplies over the course of a year.

If you are not currently subscribed to The Phoenix magazine, many members recommended the information that is contained in this quarterly publication. To subscribe, click here.

Friends of Ostomates Worldwide was discussed as a good option for donating any unused supplies you might have in your closet. This organization ships ostomy supplies worldwide and more information is available in the link provided above.

The leaders of Fargo Ostomy Support Group also asked for members to consider a donation to the local support group. A link is available on the website to donate anytime. Click Here if you wish to donate now!

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